Partnership with TWU

We are delighted to announce that we have been partnered with Trinity Wester University to offer their courses in undergraduate and graduate level (FAR model) in Iran.  Learners would be able to complete first half of their program in Tehran while preparing themeselved to move to Canada for the second part of their degree. 

Trinity Western seeks to offer a transformative education to emerging and current leaders all over the world. One of the ways that TWU offers its education worldwide is through FAR Centres.

FAR Centres are TWU micro-campuses located around the globe where GLOBAL Education Specialists coach and facilitate learning experiences for learners taking TWU courses towards TWU degrees.

A FAR Centre is a collaboration between TWU and an institutional university or college partner (Vancouver aviation College). Through the collaboration, TWU designs, develops and delivers online education, and sends qualified facilitators to support international learners on site as they progress through the set online course material.

By enrolling into a FAR Centre, students can complete up to half their TWU degree by taking online classes with onsite tutorials and facilitation support, before completing the next part at Trinity Western University in Canada.

First FAR Centres in Iran is located at Tehran . This collaboration are signed between Trinity Western University and Vancouver Aviation College (DBA- ABCD enterprise) as TWU FAR center exclusive agein in Iran.

You can learn more about TWU FAR centres here


Branch in Tehran

Baharan Instituion


Phone Number


Below you can find more information about our exclusive partner in Iran providing FAR center services. Baharan institution was founded in 2014 to provide world-class art-related programs to learners who are passionate about ….


Abolfazl Bani

Abolfazl Bani

Baharan Institution CEO

Pegah Sedaghatfar

Pegah Sedaghatfar

Administrative Assistant and Certified Program Facilitator

Soha Sepanlou

Soha Sepanlou

Certified Program Facilitator

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